Cash Cows are products and brands which deliver particularly good profits. In order to do this they need a lot of fresh air, healthy food and people who know a lot about them. We therefore let the Cash Cows graze on the best pastures: on the web and television, on posters and advertisements and also gladly sometimes at trade fairs. We cherish and take care of them with fresh ideas and powerful designs.

We are the advertising agency Cash Cow Farmers.


Get up early, knuckle down hard with simple honest work. That is the principle with which we fight for a terrific idea – and against rotten compromises, dead-line and cost pressure. That costs strength. But when at the end of the day the customer and we are happy then we know: It is worth far more making all the effort than as the Germans say „threshing empty straw“ and getting nowhere fast.


The Cash Cow Farmers in Hamburg emerged 2011 out of the agency business of a TV and advertising film production. From the very beginning renowned customers in the bank and finance sector trusted us with rearing and caring for some of their brands, some of them from Switzerland. In the course of the years we achieved good successes and our cow shed became at some time too small. We have expanded and have leased extra grazing pasture in Switzerland. We will gladly show you what we have done to achieve this.