The Anniversary of Xetra-Gold®

Germany’s most successful gold product „Xetra-Gold“ will be ten. This should not go unnoticed. Away from the typical „Sales“ we created enthralling stories about the popular precious metal. Then nothing has over the years ever fascinated people more than gold. It is perfect for entertaining storytelling.
Together with the well-known finance journalist Markus Koch we travelled across Germany and visited, among others, a gold panner, an Olympic champion, a hand-puppet player including the devil, the police, a barbecue stall in Berlin and in the end we dug up a real treasure. The result: A series of 15 three-and-a-half minute spots on n-tv, youtube, financial portals and of course own website.
30.000 visits per video provided our customers with top entertainment. In the matter of media planning adisfaction online ensured the required advertising pressure while we took care of the TV placement.

Services provided:
concept, casting, film production, screen design, logo design, TV-media planning, online campaign, microsite, flyer, fair documents, media planning